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"I just received word that I am now a Republican. This came as quite a shock to me as I have been a Democrat since the day I registered almost 10 years ago. It turns out that when I signed a petition at the college I attend, my party affiliation was changed without my consent. I went to the Supervisor of Elections office to see what happened and I was shown the form I "filled out". I informed them that this was not my handwriting on the form and they said they suspected that. Apparently, the same thing has happened to many college students here, including the Supervisor of Election's son. Our local Sheriff's Office is opening an official investigation into the matter, as it is not only a form of vote tampering, but also forgery. (None of the people affected actually signed the form that was shown to us. It was our names, but not our exact signature...) It looks like the person doing it was a student worker for the college as he was able to get the last four digits of my social security number. The only way to find all my information was to look at my student files in the Business office. The petition was supposedly for the legalization of medicinal marijuana, but apparently there was some other kind of smoke going up. This is the kind of thing that sickens me about the Republican party. This could cause people going to vote to think that they have been purged, as they aren't on the list they should be on. Not to mention that I live in the "grand" state of FLORIDA."

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