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"There are those now calling for Bush’s impeachment. Fuck impeachment. The whole lot of them—every last conservative ideologue who has advocated “starving the beast,” every last one of those selfish, soulless, anti-American bastards—ought to be rounded up and sent to the Superdome to live in the river of shit and piss until every single refugee has been provided safe sanctuary and a warm meal. Then Bush and his gang of cretins can clean up the trail of scattered corpses. Let the blood that belongs on their hands be a literal lesson for these pitiless pieces of human refuse. It’s long overdue."

Click for the whole shebang.

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"If one person criticises them or says one more thing including the President of the US, he will be hearing from me. One more word about it after this show airs and I might likely punch him, literally."

Thank you to Shriekingviolet on the BPAL forum for this link.


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Sep. 5th, 2005 12:09 am (UTC)
Amen and hell yeah!

Of course, what will actually happen is that Bush will give Chertoff a medal of honor like he did for Ridge and all the other people that fucked up will get a fucking promotion.

It's like we live in Bizarro-world. There is no responsibility, no concept of "the buck stops here".

The hard part is, though I've given what I can and done all the right things like shake my fist and round up clothes to donate, in the end, as scary and as horrible as all of it is, I'm just grateful that I'm not down there. I'm glad I live in Wisconsin, in a part where tornados never land, there are no volcanos or earthquakes and the worst we have to endure is snow.

And I hate that I feel like that.
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