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Archive: Red Flag

This isnt meant in an inflammatory way at all. =) I read the respect thread, and I'm pissed off, so here I am.

I create what I'm inspired to create, and as most of our customers know, I could give a shit less about marketing. If that was my concern, I would be making Angel Fluffy Fairy Farts or Flash In the Pan Celebrity Come Fuck Me oil, because that's what sells. I create oils based on the things I love, be it a nightmare concept, a poem, something smutty or silly, or the inspiration of a deity.

My own background alienates the vast majority of people. I was brought up Catholic, and my father was a Jewish Egyptologist. I am a Hermetic magician, and have been for over a decade. I am a member of three esoteric orders, and am also a rootworker with sixteen years experience and a practicing witch. To make matters more complicated, I am also a child of Oya, have been crowned, have received my Orishas and am working my way to becoming an Iyanifa. Still, I have the utmost respect for the Jewish and Christian faiths that I was weaned to, and I still say Rosary every night. I am also an armchair historian with a love for mythology, poetry and literature. This offends people. This offends ceremonial magicians and wiccans and some babalawos. It offends some Christians and some Jews, it offends atheists.

As someone said on MUA: "I hate BPAL and everything it stands for."

Well, BPAL /is/ me. And that makes some hackles stand up.

I offend a lot of the time. I don't want to, I don't try to, I would rather people weren't, but the oils that I make are a reflection of who I am and what I value, and I cannot and will not change that.

Every single oil that I create, I create because the concept or energy behind it is something that I love, is something that moves me, and by sharing the joy and passion that I have for it with others, I am fulfilled.

So its all about /me/, what I love, and believe me, I would NEVER treat anything that I love with an iota of disrespect.

People can loathe me, hate what BPAL represents, snort at our oils in derision. I have learned to live with that. But DO NOT accuse me of treating any of the subject matter that inspires my art... and it is MY ART... as a cheap marketing ploy. I will not stand for that, because it is a *slap* in my face and in the face of everything I hold dear, INCLUDING my faith.

One of the greatest things that any of our customers has ever told me is that our oils have encouraged them to expand their sphere of knowledge, and that the subject matter has been, in a way, inspirational to them. There is nothing in the world that is more fulfilling to me than knowing that this extension of my love, however banal some people may find it, has reached someone, and that it has compelled them to explore their faith or their consciousness, or that it has inspired to them to create art or expand their knowledge. God damn it, you cannot imagine how that gets me through the rough times, and there are a lot of rough fucking times.

Of course, it is wonderful when people appreciate the scents on their own. ;)

So in my prayers tonight, I'll make sure that I bring up to the Orishas that someone finds the art that I created for them out of love for them to be offensive. Perhaps they can help grant me the patience and the insight that I will need to let the outrage and offense over this issue disperse.

[Oh, and if you've come this far in trying to see what all the wank was about, you need to get a life.]