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War today, war tomorrow, war forever!

Bush just playing us with 'troop withdrawal'
'Revelation' contradicts every other rationale offered in the last 500 days

By Keith Olbermann

And so he is back from his annual surprise gratuitous photo-op in Iraq, and what a sorry spectacle it was. But it was nothing compared to the spectacle of one unfiltered, unguarded, horrifying quotation in the new biography to which Mr. Bush has consented.

As he deceived the troops at Al-Asad Air Base yesterday with the tantalizing prospect that some of them might not have to risk being killed and might get to go home, Mr. Bush probably did not know that, with his own words, he had already proved that he had been lying, is lying and will be lying about Iraq.

He presumably did not know that there had already appeared those damning excerpts from Robert Draper's book “Dead Certain."

“I'm playing for October-November," Mr. Bush said to Draper. That, evidently, is the time during which, he thinks he can sell us the real plan, which is “to get us in a position where the presidential candidates will be comfortable about sustaining a presence."

Comfortable, that is, with saying about Iraq, again quoting the President, “stay... longer."

And there it is. We've caught you. Your goal is not to bring some troops home, maybe, if we let you have your way now. Your goal is not to set the stage for eventual withdrawal. You are, to use your own disrespectful, tone-deaf word, playing at getting the next Republican nominee to agree to jump into this bottomless pit with you, and take us with him, as we stay in Iraq for another year, and another, and another, and anon.

Everything you said about Iraq yesterday, and everything you will say, is a deception, for the purpose of this one cynical, unacceptable, brutal goal: perpetuating this war indefinitely.

War today, war tomorrow, war forever!



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Sep. 6th, 2007 01:17 am (UTC)
What will be the event that raises the so-called comfort level about sustaining a presence??? Sounds like it is in the works already.
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 6th, 2007 01:52 am (UTC)
The part of this making me almost physically ill is the complete lack of shock I feel reading this. I knew that was his plan, just like I knew from the moment he was elected that he could try to find a way to get into Iraq. And I'm sadly certain we haven't the votes to impeach him and if we DID, are there any words more scary than "Yes, President Cheney?" (And we used to joke about Quayle. Ah, the good old days.)

Also, my husband is imitating Jon Stewart imitating the president and I'm seriously freaked out by it. Like Zombie movie, Edgar Allen Poe, Bruce Campbell coming through my walls scary. Not sure we're sleeping in the same room tonight. *shudder*
Sep. 6th, 2007 01:54 am (UTC)
..I'm not sure anymore if it's possible for this president to be any more of a(n) [insert expletive of choice]. The problem with his thinking is that he doesn't seem to realize that the American people don't want a continued presence in Iraq, and a Republican candidate who openly supports such a presence (and it would have to be openly, because they will be asked whether they support it or not) would simply decide the election in favor of the Democratic party.

*/Political Science major*

I saw the topic of this post and couldn't help thinking of the Major in the Hellsing manga xD Hurrah.

(Hope you don't mind me commenting ^^; I found your journal and friended you a bit back on one of the BPAL communities... :D )
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 6th, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
RAARRRR! Bush is a lying sack of shit. And sadly that isn't a new revelation. =/
Sep. 6th, 2007 03:13 pm (UTC)
There was an interesting piece on NPR this morning about statistics and how they numbers they throw around are relative and essentially useless in determining measurable progress.:

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