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Difficult month.

I'm swamped, and have no brain left to speak of. Work, wedding stuff, work, and work... kinda making me a little nuts. But... I do have Armani + Ryan Philippe + Amanda Lepore / Alejandro Jodorowsky = Love, and that makes everything ok.

Ok, Alejandro Jodorowsky had nothing to do with that, but it did, for some reason, make me think of a high fashion version of Santa Sangre or Holy Mountain.

Losing it a little. Very sleepy. Loves me some Amanda Lepore.

Also, some Grace Jones. Holy shit, she is eternally awesome.


Sep. 17th, 2007 02:59 pm (UTC)
October's generally insanely busy, that's one reason Curse & I picked Walpurgisnacht rather than Halloween...

Let me know if you got the email with the dress pictures ~ or call if you get a chance :)