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June 26th, 2014

Letters to Lilith From London

Dearest Lilith:

I’m writing to you from a loft in London. Mom and dad are staying in an area called Shoreditch. William Shakespeare and Richard Burbage lived her many years ago, and now it’s a lot like Echo Park - the area where Rhodes lives. It has lots of nice restaurants, pubs, and little stores, but it isn’t posh. We are staying in a loft that we rented from a nice man named Rafa. I’ll send you pictures of the place later today. He has lots of interesting decorations.

We took a red eye flight from Los Angeles, which means we flew through the night and arrived the next day. It was interesting waking up in a new country! When I was dozing off, I started thinking about what a miracle of engineering and ingenuity it is that we are able to sleep while flying in the air. I mean, think about it… science has made it possible for us to sleep in mid-air!

A trip this distance took only 11 hours by airplane. Without planes, we would have to have traveled by ship, and that would have taken weeks. Science is wonderful!

After your dad and I freshened up last night, we went walking around the neighborhood. We found a nice Italian restaurant; you’ll be happy to know that there’s lots of spaghetti in London! After that, we went to a little neighborhood market that had more different kinds of tea and different kinds of honey than I could have imagined. I will bring you home some English honey!

When we came back to the apartment, there was a black and white cat on the stairs. He was very nice, and very insistent that we let him into our flat! I heard him meowing and playing with his friends outside all night. He is a very musical kitty cat, and I fully expect that he will visit again tonight!

The loudest raven I’ve ever heard woke me up this morning. It was like having a birdy alarm clock! The crows and ravens we have at home are loud, but this guy sounded like he had a bullhorn. When I opened my eyes, I was convinced that it was 7am. There was something about the color of the sunlight that seemed very 7am’ish. The sun rises and sets at a different time in London than it does for us in LA: right now, the sun comes up at 4:45, and it’s still a bit light outside at almost 10pm.

Your daddy and I are off to the Tower of London this morning, and might go to the British Museum if we have any energy after that. Your daddy and I love you with all of our hearts! I will write again soon! Please send me lots of pictures! I don't know if I can get texts - we can try! - so email them to us if you can.

I love you more than love! You are my sun and moon and stars. I will catch some British sunbeams for you, and make you a sunbeam pie when I get home!