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But what's the rest of me?

You Are 68% Democrat

You have a good deal of donkey running through your blood, and you're proud to be liberal.
You don't fit every Democrat stereotype, but you definitely belong in the Democrat party.

You Are 12% Republican

If you have anything in common with the Republican party, it's by sheer chance.
You're a staunch liberal, and nothing is going to change that!



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Jan. 18th, 2008 09:34 am (UTC)
I dunno. Mebbe you're a democratic socialist. ^_^ That's what I am, anyway. Also: have the burrito. That is, if there's a decent burrito to be had at 1:30 a.m....
Jan. 18th, 2008 09:39 am (UTC)
HA. I am both more dem and more repub than you are: 88% dem and 16% repub.

Jan. 18th, 2008 01:54 pm (UTC)
Maybe the rest is Green? Libertarian? Commie pinko? :P
Jan. 18th, 2008 05:05 pm (UTC)
Holy smokes, I'm even less Republican than you are!!! (4%)

(I'm also a little less Democrat - 60%)

Jan. 18th, 2008 06:23 pm (UTC)
(I said yes to the NASCAR thing. XD )
Jan. 18th, 2008 09:16 pm (UTC)
A ha ha. I got 64% democrat and 4% republican.

Jan. 18th, 2008 09:17 pm (UTC)
This was fun for me. I am passionately opposed to the concept of a party system; I love it that the California option for not being a member of any party is termed "Decline To State".
I got: 40% Democrat, 8% Republican. :)
Jan. 19th, 2008 01:48 am (UTC)
Too funny! I'm 4% Republican because I don't like tofu & 72% Democrat (I miss Bill).
Jan. 19th, 2008 09:26 am (UTC)
So, of all the people who posted the politics meme on my friends list, you scored the most republican.

Clearly, you are far too repressed.
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